ChangeMakers Resettlement Forum

Client Overview:
ChangeMakers Resettlement Forum is a grassroots non-governmental organization based in the greater Wellington region of Aotearoa New Zealand. Representing 18+ refugee background communities, their mission is to foster full participation and integration of New Zealanders from refugee backgrounds through advocacy, research, and community development initiatives. Recognizing the significance of a well-designed and user-friendly website, ChangeMakers approached Spottech, a web development agency, to re-design and develop their existing website.


Outdated User Interface (UI): The existing website had an outdated UI that did not reflect the organization’s vision and values, making it less appealing and engaging for visitors.
Lack of Responsiveness: The website was not optimized for mobile devices, resulting in a poor user experience for visitors accessing it on smartphones and tablets.
Inadequate Information Architecture: The website’s navigation and information structure were confusing, making it difficult for users to find relevant information easily.
Absence of E-Commerce Capability: ChangeMakers wanted to expand their reach and generate funds through merchandise sales, but their current website lacked e-commerce functionality.
CMS Flexibility: The NGO required a content management system (CMS) that was easy to use, enabling them to update content regularly without technical expertise.
Localization and Cultural Sensitivity: As a New Zealand-based organization, the website needed to incorporate Kiwi values and resonate with diverse cultural backgrounds.
Spottech proposed a comprehensive website redesign and development plan, incorporating modern technologies and best practices to address ChangeMakers’ challenges effectively.

UI/UX Revamp: Spottech’s team of designers collaborated with ChangeMakers to create a fresh, modern, and culturally sensitive user interface. The new design utilized indigenous art elements, bright colors, and intuitive layouts to reflect the organization’s values and foster a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

Responsive Design: The development team implemented a responsive design, ensuring that the website offered an optimal browsing experience across various devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Content Management System: Spottech customized a WordPress CMS, empowering ChangeMakers with the ability to update content, post blogs, and manage events effortlessly.

E-Commerce Integration: To enable merchandise sales and generate funds, Spottech integrated Shopify’s e-commerce platform into the website. This allowed visitors to purchase items with ease and supported the organization’s fundraising efforts.

Localization and Multilingual Support: The new website featured multilingual capabilities, accommodating visitors from diverse language backgrounds. The content was localized to resonate with the Kiwi culture, making it relatable and accessible to all.

The redesign and development project yielded significant improvements for ChangeMakers Resettlement Forum’s website:

Increased User Engagement: The revamped UI/UX design attracted more visitors and encouraged longer browsing sessions, leading to increased engagement with the organization’s initiatives.

Enhanced Mobile Experience: With the responsive design, the website’s mobile traffic surged, providing a seamless experience for users on the go.

Improved Accessibility: The intuitive navigation and improved information architecture made it easier for visitors to find the information they needed quickly.

Expanded Reach and Fundraising: The integration of Shopify enabled ChangeMakers to launch an online merchandise store, expanding their reach and generating additional funds to support their programs.

Empowering the Team: The user-friendly WordPress CMS empowered the organization’s staff to update content regularly, fostering a dynamic and up-to-date web presence.

Through Spottech’s redesign and development efforts, ChangeMakers Resettlement Forum successfully established an online platform that aligned with their vision and values. The modern, responsive, and culturally sensitive website empowered the organization to engage effectively with their diverse audience, advocate for refugee communities, and build a brighter future for New Zealanders from refugee backgrounds.

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